Why the Vietnam’s Pho Linh Soup Is So Popular

Vietnam’s first Pho broth, made from fermented fish and meat, is one of the country’s most popular foods, said the owner of a Vietnamese restaurant in Pho, the capital of Ho Chi Minh City.

“It is the most popular noodle in Vietnam,” said Pho Dang Phuong, a 65-year-old former teacher.

“Pho Lin, or pho dong, is really a Vietnamian noodle, with lots of spices, lots of herbs, and lots of vegetables.”

The name comes from the fish and chicken bones used to make the soup, which is made from a combination of fish and beef bones.

“The soup is really good, and it’s very cheap,” said Dang, who runs Pho Dong in the Pho Long neighborhood.

Dong, who has been cooking for years, says the pho has a lot of depth and flavor.

“When we serve it, the customers are drawn to it.

The flavor is very good, too,” he said.

Dang said he has tried to keep prices down, and that the broth is made to order, so the customers don’t get bored.

“We can only make about 1,000 pho bhộ [1,600 liters] per day,” he added.

But the restaurant has a good reputation among locals.

Pho Hoi is one the first Vietnamese restaurants to open in Ho Chi Majang, a small city in northern Vietnam.

The broth is served in large bowls that are usually topped with fish, pork or shrimp, and usually accompanied by a noodle or two.

Dang says Pho Hồ, or noodles, are usually cut in half and eaten with rice.

The noodle bowls are made to last, and Pho Tị is usually the dish of choice.

“You can get a Pho-Tọ (Pho-Noodle) for half price,” he explained.

“In Pho Nhươnh [Nguyen Nam Dinh province], we are not the most expensive noodle.”

The Vietnamese government has long promoted pho, and the government recently opened a national restaurant.

But some Vietnamese restaurants are struggling to stay open.

Phong Bợi Restaurant in Phuoc Thuong, the largest Vietnamese restaurant, has closed its doors in recent months.

Pha Nhi Restaurant, in the city’s central business district, has been operating since 2015.

Deng said the restaurant had an outstanding reputation, but that he has lost business in recent years.

“I have a lot to do to make sure Pho is there,” he lamented.

“It’s hard to make Pho better.”

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