Why I stopped eating pho at Phohaus

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle dish with a spicy broth, but it’s also the restaurant where I learned that if you put a lot of sauce on it, you get to enjoy some of the best pho around. 

I’d heard that the dish was great but that it was too spicy and that it wasn’t very spicy, so I thought I’d try it. 

But I quickly found that I had a problem. 

The broth was too thick, and I got very sore from all the pressure of the bowl, which I didn’t like.

I also noticed that the pho was not very flavorful.

I found the broth to be too rich, so when I added more broth I was left with a thick, grainy soup.

I decided to just give it another try. 

I have to say that the broth was delicious.

It was thick, flavorful, and a good balance of spicy and sweet.

The noodles were thin and had a sweet, sweet, tangy, and sour taste to them. 

The sauce is a little thick, so it was still good when I used a little more broth.

I liked the flavors better the longer I used it, and the broth gave me a nice smooth texture that didn’t have too much flavor.

I loved the phan, the thick sauce that came on top of the broth.

The phan had a nice creamy texture that was really good.

The noodle portion was also great.

I really liked that the noodles were not too crunchy and the sauce was not too salty.

The broth is really good, and it was good on its own, but when it’s combined with a little vinegar, it’s good enough to serve as a dipping sauce or as a noodle soup. 

My biggest complaint is that the sauce is too thick.

It’s not thick enough to allow the noodles to be cooked, and then add enough broth to bring the noodles up to the flavor level that I liked.

The sauce can be thick enough that you’ll want to add a little salt to taste the broth, which could make the broth too salty, or if you’re not a fan of spicy food, it could also add too much sugar. 

It’s a great way to eat pho.

The flavors are there and the noodles are great. 

Pho is still great, and there are still tons of great places to eat, but if you want a place that’s not too crowded, Pho may not be for you. 

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