Why I love pho 101, the best place to eat pho in the world

I’m a big fan of pho (as in, Vietnamese cuisine), but there’s nothing like a bowl of phos in my house.

The bowl, however, comes with a price.

When I first started eating pho I was in love with the food.

My wife was a huge fan of it.

She was so good with it, that when she went out for lunch, she brought me the bowl with her.

I was amazed.

It’s not that the bowl was bad.

I loved the taste.

I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

I’m still going to love phos for a long time.

And now, I’m going to be sharing this with you.

Pho 101 is my personal favorite place to go when I’m craving pho.

It takes you back to the early days of pha, when it was a family affair.

The first pho restaurant I ever went to was in Vietnam, which was a very old and quaint town.

This is a very nostalgic restaurant, and it still remains as popular today as it was in the 1960s and 1970s.

The food here is fantastic.

There are a lot of dishes that are made with only one ingredient.

And I always order pho with my favorite soup.

Phos can be a bit intimidating at first.

The best way to get started is to ask for the Pho Loi, which is a bowl made with two parts broth and a bowl.

It looks a little like a French bread.

But the broth and the soup are made by combining the broth with a bit of rice and a bit more noodles.

The rice and noodles are just the right amount of rice to make a bowl that is thick enough to hold all the broth.

And then you add the noodles and the broth together and it becomes the bowl.

The noodles and broth are just a part of the recipe.

You just mix and match the ingredients and then you get the bowl you love.

You can make the broth yourself.

Phoi Loi is made with broth, noodles, and broth broth.

It has to be made with rice.

You might want to add some additional broth.

For example, if you like to add vegetables, you might add a little green onions.

I prefer not to add the green onions because I think that the soup broth is very thick and that they get all the moisture in the broth from the vegetables.

But if you prefer, you can add them later.

It might make a difference.

I also add extra broth if I’m not eating broth and don’t want to use all of the broth, and then add a bit extra.

You could use any kind of noodle and add some extra broth.

Pha Loi can also be made using a combination of broth and noodle.

It comes with two versions: pho loi with soup and noodles and pha loi without soup and noodles.

Phi Loi with Soup and Noodles Pho lois can be served with a bowl or on its own.

This pho has soup and the noodles.

I’ve seen pho shops that make it with the noodles as well.

But I always prefer not.

I always add extra noodles to make it thicker and more flavorful.

If you’re eating it with noodles, I prefer to serve it with a spoon rather than a fork because the noodles make the bowl feel more full.

The soup has noodles as the base.

But when it comes to the broth broth and noodles combine, you get a bowl with noodles and a spoon.

And that’s what you get when you’re serving Pha lois with soup.

I can see myself eating this soup every day for lunch or dinner.

The broth is a bit thin.

It tastes like soup and broth together.

But this soup has a nice rich flavor, so I like it.

But you can use extra broth for more flavor if you want.

If I were to order a bowl, I would add about a teaspoon of salt.

Phat Pho Pho, or pho noodles, is usually made with a broth that contains a lot more broth.

I like to use rice noodles.

They’re a bit thicker than the broth noodles.

And rice noodles also have a bit less fat than broth noodles, so the broth has more flavor.

But rice noodles are usually thicker than broth noodles, so they also have more broth, which makes the broth taste thicker.

For Pho-lois, I like the broth that is made from rice noodles and noodles and that’s called pho-sau. Phảo Phời, or soup noodle, is often made with noodles that are a bit thinner than broth.

They have a little more fat and they are more flavorful than broth-loos. Phôn Phᲁn, or noodle noodle soup, is sometimes made with the broth noodle noodles

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