What is pho and why is it so great?

Recode is hosting a live video chat with Pho Golden, the cofounder of the restaurant chain, to discuss the menu’s origins and why it’s still so popular.

The chat, which starts at 2 p.m.

ET, will be available on Recode.com and on Facebook.

Pho Golden and I are going to do a pho interview.

We’ll be doing this live in the chat.

There’s not a lot of information that we can give you about this.

We’re just going to give you a little bit of information about the menu and why you love it.

So that you know what you’re getting into.

Pho is the Thai-American restaurant chain that started as a bar.

So we started to expand the menu, expand the service and it’s grown from there.

We really just started pho in 2004.

So in the beginning we were kind of looking to expand and we’re just really happy to have the opportunity to expand.

And this is a very good thing to do because we have a very large clientele.

So you know, you have a good mix of Asians and white people.

We have a lot.

So when you expand, you’ve got a really good opportunity to grow and be successful.

What are the different types of pho?

I think the basic type of phoe is called pho, pho curry, phoo pho.

You’re going to have a big bowl of rice, a little bowl of soup, a spoonful of soup with the noodles, and a little spoonful with the soup.

So the soup is basically a noodle dish, but there’s a lot more than that.

You have different kinds of soup.

We really like the noodle soup.

I have to say, this is one of the most exciting times in my life.

And I really wanted to do this.

And we’ve had the great fortune of being able to do it.

I think this is going to be a great experience.

So what are some of the different things you can add to a bowl of phoo?

The noodle, this noodle is usually a combination of two ingredients.

It’s usually beef or chicken or pork.

It may be beef or pork or a combination.

And it usually has a lot going on, which is noodles and rice.

And then there’s the meat.

And there’s usually vegetables.

So I guess the meat, the broth and the vegetables is really the main thing that you’re looking for.

So what’s your favorite pho dish?

We like the soup, because it’s very different than what you would find in restaurants.

And the broth is really rich.

And when you go into the restaurant and try it, you’ll realize how rich and flavorful the broth can be.

And so we like the noodles.

So they’re really, really good.

And they’re the noodles that are most often used for the soup and the noodles are often the most often added to the broth.

And that’s why it is so flavorful.

So this is also a really fun and unique noodle noodle.

But the broth also adds some flavor.

And these are not ordinary noodles.

They’re not like regular noodles that you would see in restaurants and they’re very flavorful.

But it’s a combination that you will really love to try.

It has the best flavor.

It tastes great.

But there’s another type of noodle called the pho that’s called the pung poo.

This is a combination noodle that has a broth that is actually really, truly spicy.

So it’s not just the broth that you normally would see.

This noodle has a very, very high amount of chili.

So there’s chili and there’s vinegar.

And in that combination, it has a really great flavor.

But you don’t want to eat this noodlet unless you really, you know really really really want to.

And so what are the best ways to prepare a phos pho pho meal?

You can really prepare it the right way.

We love to do things the right ways.

We usually start with the broth because we like it a little more spicy and then you add some other flavors like noodles and pork and vegetables.

And you really start to see the flavors really kick in.

And at the end of the day, that’s what we really like.

You know, the flavor really comes from the broth, so we use the broth to make the soup first.

And as we add the noodles and meat and vegetables, we also add the broth in a couple of places.

So if you are trying to add more broth or you want to add a little spice, you can do that too.

So those are the three different ways to make pho: you can start with a bowl or you can use a bowl and then add some broth and you add other flavors and vegetables and then

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