What is pho? 1:35

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that is made from rice and vegetables.

The noodle is served in bowls with a spicy dipping sauce and a side of noodles.

This noodle was made popular by Pho Noodle Co. founder and founder, Thanh Nghien, who used it to make noodles at his restaurant, Pho Binh.

The broth and noodle were sold to restaurants around the world, including Pho Saigon, Phos Restaurant, Phon Ka Bua, Phun Binh, Phuoc Quoc and more.

Thanh sold Pho to PhoNoodleCo.

in 2012 for $6.7 million.

Thanjh Nguyens, who also co-founded PhoSoup and now owns PhoSaigon, was in a similar position, when Pho started.

Thanhak Nguyen, Phoe’s chef, told The Washington Post that the noodle originated in Vietnam.

“Pho Saang is our name for Vietnam,” he said.

“We had to do a lot of research.”

Thanh’s Pho-Saigon location opened in 2012.

Thanak Nguyeng, who is also the owner of Pho Sushi and Pho Restaurant in Phnom Penh, told the Post that it was Thanh who first introduced Pho as a noodle to Vietnamese.

“He made a big stir and he said that Pho was the best noodle, and I think he was right,” Thanh said.

Pho also has a history in the United States.

The soup is one of the top 10 favorites in the country.

Phoe is also known as Pho Phuong in Vietnam, which translates to “soup of the poor.”

According to the Associated Press, the soup is often eaten in the South Vietnamese capital of Vientiane.

Phon Saigon opened in 2013, but Thanh told the AP that he didn’t know how Phon was going to be successful in the Southeast Asian country.

Thanhn Nguyenes said Pho sold poorly because Vietnamese didn’t want to eat Pho because it was too expensive.

Phos, Thanhak said, was a big success in Vietnam because people here were hungry.

“They love it, they love the taste of it, and it was the perfect noodle for them,” Thanhn said.

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