Vietnam: Pho golden – golden rice recipe

A recipe for Pho Golden Rice, a new type of rice that is supposed to be more nutritious and less expensive than rice that has been genetically modified with genes from rice plants.

The Golden Rice project, run by Pho Phuong, a member of the Viet Nam Liberation Front, aims to make the rice more nutritious, cheaper and environmentally friendly.

The project aims to raise the world’s first billion-dollar crop by 2022, which would be the largest-ever seed bank, and has the backing of some of the richest people in the world including Warren Buffett and Amancio Ortega.

The rice is the first genetically modified rice crop to be produced using gene-splicing technology.

There are currently no commercially grown varieties of Golden Rice in Vietnam, so the project is the country’s first attempt to produce the rice on a large scale.

Golden Rice is the world first rice that can be grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

In addition to being a world first, the project will also have major environmental benefits, said Pho Thuy Lai, a Pho Khong Pho farmer who is the president of Pho Tran Pho Association, which has been working on the project for four years.

A number of countries are looking at the rice project as a means of reducing the number of children born in the developing world, Pho said.

“Our rice is more nutritious than rice grown without chemical fertiliser or pesticides.

This will be an important tool for us,” he said. 

The rice would be produced in the country using traditional techniques of growing rice, said Chieu Hoi Lam, who leads the Pho Lai Rice and Farm Food Research Centre at Pho Lao University in Ho Chi Minh City.

The team of rice farmers and scientists will use genetically modified seeds from rice varieties such as Cauliflower and Potatoes, to increase production and improve the quality of the rice, he said, adding that the rice will be sold to the public.

More than 10,000 farmers and growers in Vietnam are participating in the project.

Pho Pho’s efforts to grow Golden Rice have received the support of some big names, including Buffett, who gave Pho the green light to plant the rice. 

“We are very grateful to Warren Buffett for supporting Pho, and the Vietnam government for making Pho fertile,” Pho told reporters on Tuesday. 

But Pho has also received criticism from other farmers, who say the project could potentially be a boon to the agribusiness sector.

It will also create a huge economic boost for Pha, he added.

Pho is hoping to grow up to 50 million hectares (about 70 million acres) of Golden Wheat in 2022, according to a statement on the group’s website.

That would be enough to provide 20 per cent of the countrys rice needs for 10 years, and make Golden Rice one of the most cost-effective ways to feed the world.

While it has been widely anticipated that Golden Rice could help feed the hungry, many people, including many in Pho Vietnam, remain skeptical.

“We don’t believe that the project can make rice sustainable.

It is too costly and it has only been planned for 10 or 15 years,” said Choo Hoi Khoe, who has been growing rice for more than 40 years.”

I think it is too early to say whether the project would be good for the country,” he added, “but it will make rice more sustainable.””

Golden Rice will definitely be a good addition to the rice supply, but there will be a lot of people that will complain because the rice is already there,” said Pha Pho.

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