Thai restaurant criticises pho on Instagram

A Thai restaurant has defended its pho dishes, after a photo went viral of a chicken phoan criticising the noodles.

In the photo posted by owner Kaya Dung, a woman with a large pho bowl is seen eating her meal with a chopstick.

The chef behind the dish, Kaya Jang, later wrote on Instagram that the woman had not eaten a single bite of her dish.

“The restaurant is not allowed to use images of this woman’s food.

If she did, the restaurant would have been banned,” she wrote.”

Please take note that this restaurant does not condone eating meat from the body of a human being,” she added.”

However, we respect the rights of people to speak their minds and express their opinions.”‘

This is a very big issue for us’Dung said the woman in the photo had asked her staff to cut her chicken down a few inches to eat it.

“We made this dish and she didn’t eat a single piece,” she told ABC News.

“This is not just a chicken-eating restaurant, this is a big issue that is affecting a lot of people in the country.”

She said the dish would be served for the next 10 days and the restaurant was planning to sell the chicken for its next batch of pho.

Dung told ABC’s The Drum that she would not remove the image from her Instagram account.

“It is a symbol of Thai culture,” she said.

“I have never touched or touched anything with my hands or fingers in my life.”‘

People should eat meat from their own bodies’Deng said she was angry the restaurant had taken the photo of the woman and posted it on Instagram.

“When people ask me how to make pho, I always tell them to eat meat and then they say, ‘Why are you doing that?'” she said, explaining that the chicken would have to be trimmed down.

“My response is, why should you eat a piece of meat from your own body?

It is just not allowed.”

Dung also said she would consider banning her restaurant from future events.

“If there are people who want to come here and try their hand at making pho or try to make a restaurant in this country, then we would definitely ban them,” she explained.

“You can have a meal, but you have to eat from your body.

We don’t accept this.”

She was also not sure why the photo was taken.

“She’s clearly upset, and she’s got a lot on her mind,” she continued.

“In our country, we have a very strong cultural sense of honour, so it’s very difficult to find a dish that is not a part of our culture.”

Read moreThai police have said the incident is under investigation and the case is under review.

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