Thai restaurant chain pho spot opens in Denver

Thai restaurant Pho Spot in Denver opened its first location Thursday, and the chain is looking to expand into more restaurants.

The chain has been working to open locations in Colorado since late 2016, and it’s not just a local Thai restaurant.

It’s also expanding into locations in Austin, Texas, San Francisco and Dallas.

Pho Spot is opening its first Denver location at 4120 S. Broadway, where it will serve lunch and dinner.

The restaurant will also serve a full menu of pho and pho spots, along with other dishes.

The chain has opened five Denver locations in the past, and now it has the option to open a second location in Colorado.

“The chain was started in Houston, Texas and grew to include more locations throughout the state of Colorado,” the chain’s co-founder and co-owner, Nalpreet K. Singh, said in a news release.

“It is great to be able to expand our footprint in Denver and to offer our customers a great menu of Vietnamese food in a convenient location.”

Singh has been opening new restaurants in the Denver area for the past year, and he hopes to expand his Thai empire in the coming years.

The chain, which has an Instagram account, has opened restaurants in Phoenix, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Dallas, Texas.

In 2016, the company also opened a second Denver location in the South End.

The company has had a very good relationship with the city of Denver, with over 5,000 restaurants opening and more than 300,000 visitors in the city.

“We are excited to expand and grow our Denver operations in the years ahead,” the restaurant’s website states.

“It is important to us that our customers have a great experience and that they feel comfortable and welcome at our restaurants,” Singh said.

“Pho spot is one of our proudest moments in Denver, and we look forward to our continued success and growth.”

The chain opened in 2016.

Development Is Supported By

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