Pho Bang, Vegan Vietnamese Restaurant in Seattle

The restaurant in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood that offers a vegan option to Pho bang is not a traditional Vietnamese restaurant.

But its owner, Phan Pho, said the concept of eating vegan is a great opportunity for people to come together and try something different.

“I’ve always wanted to open up my own restaurant,” Phan said.

“So I thought, why not give people a little taste of what I’m doing?”

Phan, who also owns an Italian restaurant, has been working to open a vegan Vietnamese restaurant in the city since 2011.

The menu at Pho is similar to that of a typical Vietnamese restaurant, but with the addition of a handful of veggie dishes such as pho (a stewed pork chop with a creamy and rich sauce), pho bang (a thick noodle with lots of meat), and pho cha (a noodle salad that comes with lettuce, carrots, and pickled onions).

Phan added that the restaurant’s veggie options are the perfect balance between comfort and variety.

“The concept is really about the comfort,” Phana said.

“You can feel like you’re eating the whole thing,” Pho added.

Phan Phuong, owner of Phobang, said he was inspired by the menu to create a vegan food option.

“For a while, we had some of our favorite Vietnamese dishes that we loved,” Phong said.

In addition to serving vegan food, Pho also offers other options to eat with friends and family, including a Thai noodle bar and an American Indian restaurant.

Pho Bang opened in May of this year and has since opened a second location.

It’s located at 7th and Olive streets, just blocks from the Washington State Capitol and Capitol Hill.

Phane, Phoe, and Pho are still working to get their menu up and running, and they are currently working to find other places to serve their food.

They said that they’re looking for a location with a good amount of parking, and are hoping to open by June or July.

Development Is Supported By

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