Pho and Vu: The Vietnamese restaurant scene, the rise of pho & wine, and what it means for a new America

Pho vua has been one of the most influential Vietnamese restaurants in the United States since its opening in 2006.

Located in a strip mall on the east side of Houston, the restaurant serves classic Vietnamese dishes, such as Pho Khoi and Pho Binh, and modern American fare, such.

Vietnamese cuisine, a dish that’s become so popular, has become an American favorite.

The Pho Vu has a reputation for offering a great Vietnamese experience, but in recent years it’s been overshadowed by the Pho Phuong restaurant on the west side of downtown.

The new Pho Vu opened last fall in an alley behind the new Marriott Hotel, and its location at the intersection of Broadway and East Houston streets was a hit with Houstonians, especially those who’ve lived in the area for decades.

The restaurant is so popular that it’s become the subject of a viral video, which has more than 4 million views.

But that’s not to say Pho Vietnam is without its problems.

The owner, Tony Nguyen, is now facing multiple lawsuits for fraud and breach of contract.

The lawsuits are seeking more than $5 million in damages.

Nguyen’s lawyer, Thomas Pernick, said in a statement that the lawsuits “are designed to embarrass Tony Nguyen and to silence any and all opposition to his actions and his brand.”

Nguyen is facing four criminal and civil counts in connection with the case.

Pernik said Nguyen has been a partner in a restaurant in the Houston area since 1993 and is now the president of his restaurant.

But he said his client is innocent and that the restaurant was just trying to serve the community.

In a statement to NBC News, the Houston Police Department said they have received complaints of an alleged breach of business and other charges against Nguyen, but could not comment further because the investigation is ongoing.

Pristick said the restaurant is one of a few Vietnamese restaurants that is serving in a high-end neighborhood, but he also said he was “not surprised” by the lawsuit filed in Houston County Court.

Prenick said that while he believes the allegations are false, the “public has a right to know that a business that has been open for 15 years is still a very popular and important place for Vietnamese people.”

He added that “I would be surprised if it were not for the incredible amount of support from Houstonians.”

In a 2014 blog post, Pho Viet said its owners have been under a “bogus debt” of $10 million for years and that Nguyen is in “serious trouble.”

“If they’re going to come after us, they better prove that they can afford to pay it,” the blog post said.

The Houston restaurant owners sued for more than six years after they were told by Nguyen’s lawyers to shut down.

They say that Nguyen “is no longer a partner or partner-in-law,” and the restaurant’s business is “in jeopardy.”

In response to the lawsuits, Phos Vietnam’s attorney, Thomas Paquet, said the business is now “federal property” and that it is in bankruptcy proceedings.

“We are looking to the courts to make sure that it goes away, and we hope to see it go away,” Paquet said.

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