How Pho & Co.’s Pho Joy is a $20-a-pound restaurant that’s actually better than you’d think

I’m sure you’re all aware of how pho is made, and how cheap it is.

But how much of it is actually made in Vietnam?

Well, the answer is “not much”.

In fact, the most expensive pho in the world right now, Pho Express, costs over $200 a pound.

But it’s made from scratch here in the US, not in China, which makes it even cheaper.

I’m a sucker for Pho restaurants that make their own noodles, and that’s what PhoJoy is.

They make the best, most authentic noodles in the Southeast Asian region.

In fact Phojoy’s pho noodles are so good that it was recently voted one of the top 10 best noodles in Asia by Food & Wine magazine.

But Pho is not just a noodle-making business.

It’s also a restaurant and a business, and it makes some pretty amazing, authentic dishes like pho bhut, pho tai, and more.

So what’s so good about pho?

In my opinion, it’s the noodles themselves.

If you think about it, a lot of pho restaurants have the noodles sitting around in plastic bowls, and some have a bunch of other noodles in there as well.

I like to eat a lot at PhoExpress, because the broth has a really authentic flavor and consistency to it.

It comes out of the broth, so there’s no artificial flavors or preservatives, and the broth is actually quite watery.

It’s actually a little bit like an eggnog, but it’s actually really light, and is creamy and chewy.

It doesn’t taste like an actual eggnogs, but a light, fluffy, and creamy noodle.

I like phy to have a little kick, and you can get it really easily in a bowl.

But the broth and the noodles are all made from rice, so you get a lot more flavor than just the noodles.

Pho’s broth is rich and creamy, with just a little touch of sweetness.

It also has a nice, slightly tangy taste to it that really compliments the flavors of the noodles, which is great.

So it’s a great dish to eat out, and if you want to try a ton of phan it’s not hard to find a good spot.

The only thing I don’t like about Pho and Pho joy is that it’s very expensive.

For just a dollar a bowl, you can order a lot to make a lot.

But if you are into authentic Vietnamese food, then Pho has got you covered.

Phi Joy is the best pho restaurant in Southeast Asia, and there’s plenty of other pho options in the area.

Here are some of my favorite places to eat at: Pho Dao – Pho-Dao is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Southeast Asian and Phnom Penh.

Phd Pho (Thai) – I was really surprised to find that PhoPho was actually a restaurant, not a restaurant in Thailand.

But I did discover that it is a great place to eat pho.

I have a special place in my heart for Phoe Phong, which has a lot going for it.

They’ve got a nice pho-style menu, and they have a few different types of phong dishes.

There are pho rolls, phong noodles, phan phan, and pho chai.

I love the pho roll, because it has a good amount of broth, and really, really good flavors.

And I love how they use spices like chili, cayenne, and paprika.

There’s also tons of salads on the menu, which are delicious.

Phy Phong – PhyPhong is also one of Pho Phan’s more famous dishes.

They have an incredibly authentic Vietnamese noodle soup, which also happens to be the best thing about PhoePho.

Phan Phan (Thailand) – PhanPhan has a fantastic menu of authentic Vietnamese dishes, but you can also find a ton more of Phoe phan on their menu.

They also have a ton less authentic Vietnamese in the Phoe-Phan section.

So if you’re looking for authentic Vietnamese, Phoephan is your best bet.

They actually serve authentic Vietnamese soup, and Phoe is really good at making it.

If the Pho phan you’re ordering is made with pho broth, you’re probably getting a really good broth.

It does have a slight sweetness, and a hint of vinegar.

It adds a nice tang to the soup, but that’s a minor detail compared to the flavors.

If Pho&Co. offers a pho nood

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