How did the Pho Ga show go? – RTE

The Pho ga show, held at the Royal Festival Hall on Tuesday, was the first of its kind to take place in Ireland.

The Phonews will be airing live from the venue on Friday, the fourth of June, at 10.00am on RTE.

The show, which has been billed as “a showcase for Phonology, and a tribute to the music and history of Pho” will be hosted by Dr. Brian Paddick, who is also the Director of Music at the University of Dublin, and will feature the performances of the members of Phoneworks.

The programme will also feature performances from Phoneworld, which was formed in 2011 and which is one of the biggest music venues in the world.

The Phonewise show will feature performances by:Bobby Fagan, Joe Pritchard, Mandy Smith, Kevin McEwan, James Pritchett, Paul McEwen, Joe McTaggart, Matt O’Donovan, Paul McNamara, Sean Cavanagh, and others.

Phonews co-founder and host of Phony Nation, Joe Cavanagher, will be a special guest on the show, with his solo album, ‘Pho Ga’, coming out on the Phoneway.

He is one half of Phono World, which is an Irish record label that releases Irish music.

The other half of the label is Phonetown, which released music by many of Ireland’s best bands.

The two labels together are producing music by bands such as Phonix, Phonax, and Phonotix.

In his speech, Mr Cavanaghe said:Phonewises new album will be released on the first day of June in Ireland, at midnight.

He added: “Phoneworks PhoGa was a show, but it wasn’t just about music, it was about the history and the people.

It was about music being seen and heard.”

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