How a pho-loving chef transformed a soup into a soup of pho

The first time I had pho was on a visit to Bangkok, and I thought it was so good, I went back to make it again.

I was wrong.

Pho is so much better than you think.

Phos are loaded with everything, but the sauce is not.

A pho noodle is made with noodles that have been ground to the point of silky consistency and then boiled.

When you strain the noodles and add a bit of broth, the broth gives the dish a wonderful brothiness.

But there are a few things you need to know about making a phu, or pho broth, to make your own pho soup.


What you’re eating is pho.

When I heard the word pho I thought of rice noodles.

The word is Vietnamese for rice.

Phoi, or broth, is also Vietnamese for soup.

But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

A bowl of phos is really pho noodles that you have boiled in broth.

When it comes to making your own broth, you can skip the broth and just add your own herbs, spices, and vegetables to it.

Phoen is one of the best Vietnamese soups for the broth.

I started making pho for myself, and it turned out great.

When I made pho at home, it was a mixture of rice, bean sprouts, vegetables, and broth.

Now, I use a combination of broth and pho to make a bowl of broth for all of my pho dinners.

This is what you need: 1 cup chicken broth (the easiest way to make pho is to use broth that you can buy at the market) 1 cup broth from a restaurant broth (this one will be a little less than 1 cup, but you can get it anywhere) 1 large onion (I used a 1-inch cut) 2 cloves of garlic (or 2 teaspoons of crushed garlic) 2 tablespoons of sugar 1 cup of water (this is the most important ingredient) 1 1/2 cups of rice 1/4 cup of corn (about 8 ounces) 1 teaspoon of salt (optional) You can also use a regular rice or corn flour (just remember to add more water if you use it to make the broth) and you can use chicken broth or rice flour.

You can substitute regular flour with brown rice or white rice.

You also can use soy sauce or water.


Use a mortar and pestle to grind up the vegetables.

For the veggies, you’ll want to use whatever you can find, but if you can’t find any, I recommend buying the stuff at a Vietnamese grocery store or online.

A mortar and mortar will make it easy to chop up the veggies.

You want to be able to get a very fine, fine-grained powder of the vegetables you use.

To make it more difficult, you might use a knife.

This way, you won’t cut through the vegetables like you would with a chef’s knife.

It’s important that the veggies you buy are very fresh, so you won.

For the beans, you should also buy some beans that you don’t like.

This can be an instant favorite.

Just keep them in the fridge and don’t let them get too big.

When preparing the soup, you want to add the broth to it, and add the onions, garlic, and sugar, so the broth will have a nice, silky texture.

I prefer to make this with broth that is a little thicker than I usually use, but any thicker will work fine.

For this recipe, I like to use a little bit of corn flour and a little corn starch.

This will give the broth a nice consistency.

To finish, add some cornstarch.

It will help the broth keep its shape and make the soup more creamy.


Pour the broth into a large bowl.

Once you have the broth ready, you’re ready to add your veggies.

Cut your veggies into long, thin strips, so they can be easily separated and cooked.

You should be able in a few minutes to chop them into small pieces.

Then you’ll need to boil them.

For pho or phoi, you add the water to the broth so it doesn’t boil over.

When the broth is boiling, you need about 3-4 cups of water to make 1 1 1 /2 cups broth.

The water should be boiling, but not so hot that you’re worried about boiling the broth off the vegetables and leaving behind too much water.

For a bowlful of broth that’s about 1 1 * 2 * 2 cups, add about 1-2 tablespoons of broth into the bowl.

This helps the broth retain its shape.

When your broth is finished, add the noodles.

When they’re ready, pour them into a bowl and top with the broth, then add the garlic and sugar.

This makes the soup really creamy.

5. Pour your

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